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Adam of River Pro Audio said, "Many businesses are engaged in the media industry, but the truth is only few have been known and lasted. One of the most popular products of RPA is their Prime Resin 'Virgin Plastic' Jewel Cases that are ideal for your media requirements. We bring assortments of CD cases, DVD and CD/DVD wallets that are packed in boxes within boxes to ensure that they remain in their excellent condition. This 'crystal China F-Type Clips clear' media cases are perfect for containing labels and inserts to make your products more visible and attractive. They also passed ROHS, and are machine packable. Our selections are manufactured from high quality materials that make them sturdy and perfect for your media reproduction. River Pro Audio is not only recognised for their optical media. If you want to stand out from others, why don't you try these cases that will surely make your sales better?"

Jewel cases from RPA are single disc. These CD/ DVD cases are built from high grade materials that make them superior, durable and scratch resistant. In business when you offer good products, you will also get good returns. They have front insert and tray liner and have crystal clear finish. These cases are built with high grade Resin 'Virgin Plastic' that has extra crisp moulding. Aside from these, they are also popular for their broad selections of durable packaging for media. This also ensures that they are made highly durable unlike other brands that easily break or crack. To provide you with peace of mind, these products are double boxed to protect them from any damage during transport."

"One of the best selling in our range of media packaging is the jewel cases. Aside from our well known DVD copiers and equipments, we also specialise in offering high grade DVD Storage Media. Our prime goal is to always come up with products that are best in quality. At River Pro Audio, offering high quality products matter a lot to us. They are also double boxed for proper transport and avoid damages.

This is what sets us apart from the rest.










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